Hey there,

YOU are

already radiant

Motherhood is so, so hard. But this temporary moment is not all that you are.

You are so much more.

You are radiant.

I know

you're feeling overwhelmed,
and maybe just a little bit scared.

Because this whole new thing you just entered feels

so much bigger

than you think you can handle.

But guess what?

You can handle it.

You are enough.

You may have just started out on your journey; your whole life has just changed and shifted after having a baby. Or you’re pregnant and worried about the impending due date right around the corner. Or maybe you have been feeling weighed down by motherhood for a long time. That's ok, it takes a bit of time and effort before you can find your new rhythm again. But you’ll get there!


There is a whole lot of learning on this new "college degree" that you’re getting (they really should call it PhD in Baby). But you are dedicated, persistent, and committed to seeing it though. You are doing your absolute best

and that is all you need.

Already Radiant is a resource and encouragement to live as fully yourself. It is call to remember who you were before you became a mother, and who you are now that you have experienced the transformation of yourself.

  • If you just had a baby

    and feel like you're drowning in all the new information and changes in your life, you're welcome here.

  • If you've done this postpartum thing before

    but this time feels different and you know it's not going as well as last time, I'm here to help.

  • If you're tired

    of trying to keep up with the expectations that you should bounce back, handle everything, take care of everyone else's needs, be perfect, and not let anything get to you.

Then I am so glad that you are here.

So, grab a cup of tea or a nice snuggly blanket, (if you have any hands free, that is. Which, you probably don’t. sorry!) and let’s get to know each other. I'll take you step-by-step through a bunch of new mom learning curves, spelling out the things that you really need to know, and hopefully cutting through a bunch of clutter and noise so that it is simplified. I also really like to challenge the expectations that our culture has of women and how they should behave during postpartum. Did you know that it's not really YOUR fault that you feel so alone while riding the hormonal waves of postpartum?  I don't think anybody should ever make you think that it is.


We end up talking a lot about your emotional health, about self-care, and striving towards wellness. Because as a mom, the most important resource you have is yourself.


Let me put this out there right from the beginning:

It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you are happy and healthy.

I'll walk you through what to do when things get really bad, and outline steps to hopefully prevent yourself from even getting there in the first place. We'll talk about sleep (for the baby and for you), finding your identity again, and the many, many things that everyone tells us that we need in order to be a great mom,

but we actually don't need.

Because we're already great.

YOU are already great.

and I'm glad you are here.

Ready to feel better?

Learn better coping skills, end negative thoughts, and find confidence as a new mom. The self-paced, skill-building course Stop The Overwhelm: Taking Care of Yourself as a New Mom is coming soon. Sign up to be notified when it's live.

Already Radiant

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